October 18, 2005

The Big EQ

I have reflected on Dr. Daniel Goleman’s book and believe that Emotional Intelligence is for me… knowing my feelings, what makes me feel a certain way and why, knowing my behaviors and their fluctuations, then managing those feelings and behaviors, understanding others, and using all these abilities as a guide to a successful life and power of the outcome of that life. From becoming familiar with Dr. Goleman’s book I now do believe that Emotional Intelligence is a big predictor of the success that one will obtain. According to the book evidence suggest that it is “as powerful, and at times more powerful, than IQ,” This is why I believe it is so important, especially for me. In the future as I began working with children it is going to be very important that impart in them the significance of being able to relate to others and oneself. Though some of the things that Goleman or EQ declares can be understood as personality characteristics such as empathy, motivation, persistence, warmth and social skills, it is within our human nature ability to change ourselves and learn and grow into new individuals. Basically what I understand is that Emotional Intelligence causes people to have to change their views of what being smart is, it not only about the books.

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