October 21, 2005

Breeze was a Breeze?

What Iíve learned from the virtual groups and working on line though Breeze is that is was fund and very interesting. I have never seen it in my life. I learn something new every day. This experience was something that I would have never had if it werenítí for Group Process class taught by Aimee Whiteside at the University of Minnesota. If I go back home my family and friends wouldnít even know what a virtual group or team was. But now I have this to share I will do so. When time, distance, and or space is an issue than there is always another option, and Iíve learned that meeting virtually is one of those options.

I enjoyed meeting with my group virtually this past Thursday. Our society is really changing the way it works and functions. In the future as well as now I need to make it my job to educate up and coming adolescents about these new forms of technology and the skills that they will need to be most successful while using them. For example, I myself took typing lessons, but while in Breeze I realized that I was rather a slower Ďtyperí than the others, it may have been because I was on a lap top that was harder for me to type on, but at any rate things like tying skills, and being familiar with different computer and online programs is essential in this day and time.

Breeze, was awesome, we all meet together, yet were at different locations, what else does technology have to offer the world of business, and our society as a whole.

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