November 11, 2005

My Teaching the Class Experience

This past Tuesday I had the opportunity, along wit four other students from my Group Process Class, to teach the class and what an experience and learning process it was. There were many things I learned about myself and the whole process itself.

Our way of communication was through breeze and once in person outside of the classroom. What I noticed about myself is that I like many other people when in a group one of my many personalities takes over according to the others groups more dominant personalities. By this I mean if I find myself in a group of quiet shy people, I will become more out spoken and take the controller role, but in other groups if there is a controller present then I’ll fall in where ever the missing personality is. This is not good all the time; I understand this may be a weakness for me because any group needs my most powerful personality, the one that will provide the most successful contributions to the project or task. For example with this assignment I was apart of a group of people who all knew each other prior to this class, and that were all of the same educational study background, and then on top of that many had controller type personalities. Thus I was the quieter one, pleaser, but still made suggestions here and there. This type of group interaction also can be good in a way, because I was able to learn group dynamics as well.

What I really liked about our group interaction is that everyone knew their different talents and abilities and we connected them all together so that the presentation and preparing of it could go over well. This I believe is what kept everyone motivated to do the best at what they do, and to learn from others who know about other things.

On that note learning from others is very influential and can really help a person out. For example the critiques I received from others about my presentation abilities. Many said that I really did a great job. This will make me continue to keep up good presentation skills in the future. But even if I did get bad critiques I would have did the same thing, tried to better for the next time. The only regrets I have from this teach the class assignment is that I didn’t take on a new role, who knows what would have happened it I would have been the controller or leader. In the future I would try to by more involved and try to balance out the personalities within the group, if everyone is into being heard and involved, then I won’t just take the role of the pleaser, but jump right in with the ‘big dogs’ and challenge myself to keep up…

Thanks for reading: Have a great Holiday!

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