November 28, 2005

Reaction to Tipping Point

I really enjoyed the Tipping Point Novel. I was a smooth read and very understandable. What struck me the most though was the idea of "personality talents," is what I'll call them. Just the indentifying of these three different types of people in the world, their capabilities, charateristics, and strengths I found really interesting. When I think about the three types of "The Few" I think opprotunity, THE BIG OPPROTUNITY for a idea, lesson, invention, or anything to tip. I am a person with big Dealines, I won't even call them dreams because they need and must come to past for me to have accomplish the reasons I was put on this earth for, thus knowing the information about "The Few," is very vauable for me.

Looking foward into the near future I can see myself searching for these three types of people within my family, amongst my friends, and in my neighborhood, or on my job. Getting to know these types for people I can anticipate, will be benefical to me as I began to put my ideas and plans into action. What Tipping Point has made aware to me is going to be used for good, not for personal gain, or to get rich, but merely, to get the best, accurate information out there from the Maven, Get the Connector to spead the good findings, vauable info to as many people as possible, and getting the Salesman to persuade all those who have heard the information now to act on it in the apporpriate way they are intended to react!

As you can read I really enjoyed Tipping Point and I will be using it to reference from for years to come!

Posted by at November 28, 2005 4:11 PM