November 28, 2005

What Hasn't Tipped?

Roosters, DOES IT RING A BELL? Probably not, and that is because Roosters’ Chicken place don’t have any stickiness factors along with the lack of other things. I work at a hair salon is St. Paul called Salon Bliss. Almost ever day for lunch someone orders for the entire salon chicken dinners from Roosters. These chicken dinners are the best thing I have every tasted and all those who have tried at the shop feel the same way, but why haven’t Roosters; chicken and fries “tipped.?

Well according to a Maven, Roosters chicken is probably not healthy, well that is definitely a fact, things that taste so good are never really good for you. This same Maven may also believe that the building’s condition, cramp ness, and location is also what contributes to their reason for not considering it a good place to eat. A Maven would say, like many have said already, that “Roosters’ is a whole in the wall.?

Roosters’ chicken is being promoted simply by word of mouth and just haven’t be brought to the attend of a true Connector and successful Sale’s man. For example some times at the shop one of the barbers will do his best to persuade some of the clients to try the chicken, but his efforts fail.

I would recommend that Roosters rebuild a newer, nicer, cleaner restaurant. And come up with some type of jingle, and get a commercial where to most sophisticated people come to Roosters and “CockadoddleDo.? Then I would suggest giving out free samples at the surrounding businesses, and school.

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