December 6, 2005

Let's Make The Best of It!

Fish! Wow, I really enjoyed this book. The principals that they presented can be used across situations, and various types of groups. Play, Make their day, Be there, and Choose your attitude. I have three different events in my life that I want to briefly talk about, not all of them possess all these principals, but at least one or two of them.

Currently I work on campus at Moos Tower as a student worker in an Endodontic Clinic. Most of my work day is spent sitting at a computer inputting clinic, and procedural information into an online file. This in the past has been very boring, tedious, and caused me to be very sleepy getting hardly anything done. Thus in order to make my attitude better about the work I was doing I chose to have fun with it, or to make it bearable somehow. My solution was to bring head phones and listen to CDs while working. Now that all my CDs are on my hard rive, I now jam to my favorites while doing my work, I enjoy it now and get more done.

In the past I was a Certified Nurses Assistant for about six months, I hated it. Right when my shift began I along with the other CNAs had to do what we called rounds, check all the residents, get them up and dressed for dinner. Well working with my sister, she was all about work, just doing what she had to do. Later when I began to work with my friend from school we would, Play, Make their day, Be there, and choose our attitude. We would during rounds, take our time with the elderly, pick out nice outfits, do their hair, put make up on them, make them laugh, sing, and just have fun right along with the elderly person. It was great and it made both their and our days much brighter.

Lastly, when living at home I can remember how much I and my nine brothers and sisters hated to unload and put the groceries away. It was just something we grew to hate, but that one day all changed. What we started to do reminds me so much of Fish. I don’t remember who started it but one day we decided to make a long line from the car to inside the house to the kitchen. What we did was instead of each going to the car getting groceries and carrying it to the kitchen; we just passed the groceries along the line of all of us. When I say pass I actually mean throw. We would say think fast and throw all the groceries one by one in a fast moving cycle to the kitchen. Of course we would occasionally break jelly and all get in a lot of trouble, but we no longer dreaded the act of unloading and putting away groceries. For even after everything was in side we continued with the throwing act. One person would take the refrigerator and other cabinets, and others pick up groceries from the table and throw them to the person who was in the area of where the particular item belonged….Oh the memories, those were the good old days.

What is common in all these examples is that we had fun, played, and choose the attitude we wanted to have about the task we were performing.

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