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Writely sounds right to me :)

In class, we have discussed technology comprehension as a form of literacy. It seems like in any job these days, you have to have some knowledge of computers. Information technology is a huge and growing field and supplies many jobs in all types of areas. I have found a web site called Writely.com which blends tradtional written literacy with technological developments. Writely is like the new Microsoft Word. It allows you to type a document just like you would on any other word processor and also enables you to view and modify wherever you have internet capabilities. All you have to do is sign in to your account and you can access any of your your documents. You can even upload documents from word or post them directly as blog entries. The coolest aspect of Writely is a feature which allows people to share documents with others. That means that my friend could access a document that I have written and make additions or revisions to it.

Heres a story I published on Writely:

And heres what it looks like when your writing a document:
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