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Here is Wikipedia’s definition of censorship:
“Censorship is the suppression of speech or deletion of communicative material which may be considered objectionable, harmful or sensitive, as determined by a censor. The rationale for censorship is different for various types of data censored. Censorship is the act or practice of removing material from things we encounter every day on the grounds that it is obscene, vulgar, and/or highly objectionable. Whether it is on TV, in music, books, or on the Internet, censorship is an inescapable part of human society.?

? Sounds good, right? Well, who is to decide what is “inappropriate? or “vulgar? or even “highly objectionable?? I would not want that job. I read through different decades of censorship issues found at http://ericnuzum.com/banned/incidents/index.html; and the lyrical issues are mainly wrapped around the societal times. As we have previously discussed, popular music revolves around what is happening in the world at the time. The censorship issues have followed this same path. Drug references, birth control, interracial relationships,and political statements were all reasons that censorship was discussed throughout the decades. Lyrics and song titles were changed, warning labels were added, speeches were made, arguments sprouted and politicians advanced because of censorship issues.
So, now that we know what it is and the history of it, is censorship important. I believe that it is, but that the importance lies with who should be in charge of implementing it. People have been given the rights to write and sing whatever they wish. The choice then, lies in the listeners and the consumers. If it’s youth we’re talking about, the censorship should be enforced at the parent level. Parents have the power and should have the courage to make rules as to what their children listen to and purchase. Now, I realize that parents have different ideas of what is appropriate for children, but this will never change. You’re also not going to be able to protect your children from everything “inappropriate? in the world, but making them responsible consumers (appropriate to their age level) is one way to begin. I was not allowed to play violent games, or watch violent movies or tv shows unless watching with my parents, followed by a discussion – and I grew up just fine.
I also do believe that music – both lyrics and video images – have become a lot more risqué and sexual over the recent years. A warning label on a cd is not a bad idea – however, it is still then up to the parents to be knowledgeable about these warnings and what they mean – especially because their children will want the cd even MORE if it has a warning label on the cover. ? Ultimately, as you can tell from my response, I believe that the censorship needs to begin with the parents. At the very least, you as a parent should know what your children are listening , watching and what they are exposed to, so that if you decide to honor free speech and let them do and buy as they please, maybe at least a educational conversation can occur.

(An example that maybe this can be taken too far: “Meyer Music Markets places an "explicit lyrics" warning sticker on Frank Zappa's Jazz from Hell - even though the album is entirely instrumental