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Video Review

The Pussycat Doll’s Video “When I grow up? is one of mtv.com’s most popular videos.......

A car full of women starts the video off, all dressed in low-cut tank tops. They are waiting in their convertible during rush hour, tapping wrists, rolling eyes and looking annoyed. Then the music starts; the women starting to dance in their seats; the purpose of the first verse “what’s up sexy? is to get the attention of their audience before they begin their message.
The women continue to dance in their car, men beginning to look at them from their own cars. The first words being “Now I’ve got a confession? while looking over her sunglasses, further seducing her audience. “When I was young and all I wanted was attention and I’d do anything? words that seem a little ironic since she is wearing a risqué outfit and dancing on the top of a convertible as she sings.
The bridge begins with the words “I ain’t complaining, we all wanna be famous? while the women now begin to jump out of the car, dancing around the other waiting cars, and on the hood of their own. A man looking from a nearby car gets a dirty look and a elbow from his girlfriend as the women’s words and wishes seem to be coming true.
When the chorus begins; listing all of the things they want while they become famous flashbulbs start flashing, symbolizing that they have made it. I want to “drive nice cars? – which they’re dancing upon – “I wanna have groupies? – which she does; the words mimicking the actions throughout the chorus.
Then, the hook part of the song takes a little different approach. They begin to walk down the street, the dancing on hold for now, their faces a little more serious. All the while the words now are “be careful what you wish for, you might just get it….?
The chorus then repeats, followed by another round of the hook verse. The video is well executed and mirrors the meaning of the lyrics. Unlike many of the other mtv popular videos, this one doesn’t need vulgar language in order to be successful, and has many meaningful lyrics that younger viewers will find intriguing and real. It is creative and takes its own approach on what it’s like to be famous, and asks the question of whether it’s worth it or not.