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Project Design.

Now that we have begun to brainstorm about our individual paper topics, we now have started to wonder how we can best present our findings. With the logistics of the paper hammered down we need to find an effective, simple, and efficient way to present. As a group we have come to the unofficial conclusion that we will try to use Microsoft Power Point to create a set of slides that will complement what we have to say. This however, is not the only option we have been thinking about. We could write a paper, which would be boring and tedious to write as a group and convey our findings in a compelling fashion. We could create a poster but with the amount of information that we have already gathered it would be difficult to accommodate it all. Power point seems to be the simplest and most effective way of communicating the amount of information we have. Now we are faced with the task of putting the presentation together. How do we set up pages, diagrams, pictures, and facts? I thought that this picture was clever and a good base rule to follow.


Through our design we must enhance the presentation. One aspect of this is obviously visual appeal. We must first make of paper or information look appealing if anyone is going to read it. Second we must make the information easily to follow and logical in its layout, so that someone with no prior knowledge of our topic will be able to learn quickly and easily. I explored online for design schemes and here is some of the things that I found that our presentation could be derived from.


In this example I like how the pictures are laid out. How they are place side to side gives you the impression that they are making up something larger, and does not give your eye time to rest.

print mag cover.jpg

I’m not really sure why I choose this one, except that it catches my eye.

presentation folders.jpg

This image gave me the idea that we could present our final paper in a nice presentation folder.


I think this design really shows how a strong graphic can draw you in.

I could probably go on like this for quite some time, but I think that these images and concepts are going to serve as a jumping off point for our presentation. We will have to come up with something new and engaging for our project to be worth remembering.