Film Analysis: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

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Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, the Hole in the Wall Gang/Knife Fight Scene

Throughout the whole segment, the colors, tone, costumes and environment are used to set the desired timing of the film. The colors and tone of the film have an "old-time" type look. This is most likely due to the technology available when the film was shot, but by not enhancing the colors on the film, it adds to the feeling of the time period. The costumes worn by the characters as well as the environment and scenery also reflect the timing of the story. Unlike the color and tone, the costumes and settings were most likely chosen with the intent to show the time period meant to be represented.

During the horseback riding parts of the scene, the camera either shoots the characters from behind, or from a distance in front of the horses, pivoting to follow the riders as they travel. this shows the movement of the horses as they ride away. When the riders are talking to each other, the camera focuses closer on their faces to emphasize the dialog. A character rarely speaks from off camera or without being seen facing forward in the frame. When facial expressions are important to the mood or dialog, the camera zooms in closer to make the expression clear. During the knife fight part of the scene, the camera switches angles and distance to best view whatever action is happening at that moment.


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