Synthetic Times 2008: analysis

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OP_ERA: Sonic Dimension
Artists: Daniela Cutschat and Rejane Cantoni

To be honest, I chose this piece because the image shown on the website looked really cool. But after reading about it, I admit I'd probably enjoy interacting with this "interactive music box." The piece is described as an open cube filled with tuned violin strings that, with the help of a microphone and movement sensors, each play at a different frequency. I really like the idea of this piece because it throws music, light and viewer interaction into a box, literally. After doing some googling, I found a video of this piece in action. The overlapping sounds give the piece a slightly sinister mood. Judging from the video, the sounds put out by the "strings" are all diverse and loud, but in a tasteful, not overly loud or obnoxious way.

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