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My name is Abby. I'm not exactly from here, but I love the closness and busyness of the city, this one in particular.

I play clarinet in the University of Minnesota Marching Band, which is one of my favorite part about the U. I also cox for the men's crew team, which is my other favorite thing. You really can;t get much better than this.

I can't sit still for very long (if ever) and I stand and walk with turned out feet. This is mostly the cause and effect, respectfully, of 17 years of ballet training. I love to dance, and I will everywhere: in a studio, in my room, at the grocery store, anywhere. I love music, but my musical tastes pretty much change daily. My favorite movie is Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. I love reading, and don't mind writing.

I am a sociology major and am aiming for a career in pediatric occupational therapy, which I have wanted to do since I was really little. I like tangible, concrete concepts, bright colors and alliterations.

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