June 19, 2008

Major change coming to CINAHL in July 2008

Beginning in July 2008, the U’s method of access to CINAHL will change from the Ovid platform to the EBSCO platform. This change is a result of EBSCO purchasing the CINAHL database, and subsequently disallowing other vendors (like Ovid) to serve the database through their platforms. EBSCO will be the only source of access to CINAHL.

The EBSCO search interface is very different from Ovid, but the content of CINAHL itself (journals covered, record structure, subject headings, etc.) will not change. From now through the end of June, we will have access to CINAHL through both Ovid and EBSCO, so you can test out the EBSCO interface before the Ovid one is gone.

A bit of a complicating factor is that the EBSCO interface will be undergoing a change sometime in July, so what you see in EBSCO now will be changing soon. All these changes will hopefully lead to increased usability and functionality.

To access to CINAHL via EBSCO, go to In the database list, CINAHL is toward the bottom of the page. Check the box beside it, and click the continue button.

You can view a brief tutorial on basic searching in CINAHL here:

If you have any autoalerts currently running in CINAHL, they will need to be recreated in the EBSCO system. Instructions for creating autoalerts in EBSCO are here:

If you have questions or need help with anything involving the new CINAHL interface, contact Liz Fine at 612-624-6492 or, or the Reference Desk at 612-626-3260 or

January 10, 2008

Ovid Interface Changing January 15th! Plus, information about saved searches.

OVID, the University Libraries’ platform for citation databases like MEDLINE, CINAHL and PsycINFO, is making a major change to its search interface. The University Libraries will be migrating to the new interface on Tuesday, January 15, 2008.

This new user interface looks a lot different, but has mostly the same functionality as the current version. If you're an Ovid user you should be able to adjust to the new interface fairly easily, but please don't hesitate to contact me if you have questions or need help.

One of the major changes is that new users will now need to create "personal accounts" in order to save searches or create AutoAlerts (instead of just logging in with your U of M ID and password). If you currently have saved searches, you WILL be able to access them in the new system. On the day of the migration, current Ovid users with saved searches or AutoAlert SDIs will receive an Ovid-system-generated e-mail with their user names and temporary passwords to access their saved content.

It's important to note that you must have purposely saved a search in order to recover it after the transition – see the blog entry on “Saving Searches vs. Session Recovery in Ovid? for more information. The auto-recover feature (where you are asked when you log in if you'd like to recover the last search you were working on) will NOT bring a search through the transition. So, make sure that you have saved any important searches before January 15th!

We have worked closely with Ovid technical support in planning this transition, and expect few (if any) glitches. However, please contact me (, 612-624-6492) or the reference desk (, 612-626-3260) if you encounter any problems or would like help using the new interface. You can test-drive the new interface before January 15th by clicking the OvidSP tab in the current instance of Ovid.

Enjoy the new look!