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June 25, 2005

see entry from 6/2/05

so! this morning i did the roseville "run for the roses" 5K. i've only been training for a few weeks (starting from scratch) so i wasn't ready to run it. but my friend liz (who did grandma's marathon last week - yay lizzie!) has always wanted to do the run for the roses, and she's still recovering from running 26 miles and she was going to walk it, so i came along too.

it was super fun! we started at the back with the intention of walking, but just about everyone else was running AND there was a firetruck right behind us (bringing up the rear of the race) so we decided to jog to catch up with the pack. we ran the first mile or so (i was excited - i was like, hey, look at me go!), then alternated running and walking for the rest. it was a great atmosphere - people were cheering for us and being really encouraging, and liz had her grandma's finisher shirt on so by association i didn't feel too losery.

we did run across the finish line! our time was about 40 minutes, which was just fine. we ran at least half of it, which was an accomplishment for me. sure, just about everyone beat us - old people, children, firefighters in full gear, 10K runners that started at the same time we did - but it's still an accomplishment and an important reminder for me to not compare myself with other people when i'm doing something that's really personally challenging. that's hard sometimes, but it's an important lesson i first learned when i was a teenager retraining and showing my crazy off-the-track horse. it's good to have a reminder every few years.

so - this is my ongoing "do something i really suck at and work hard to try to improve" project. i hope i can stick with it - it's a mental challenge as well as a physical one for me. i'm glad i did the race today, and my 5K time can only get better!

liz started running seriously last august i think, and she just did her first marathon. it's a mind-boggling thought, but someday maybe i could do it too. for now, it's just one step at a time (literally.)

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