Car Wash in December?

I recieved an email last week from a lady way up on (southside) the Canadian border who had spoken with a couple EDAs who have had MAPs done. Thus she was interested in business related regional information specifically for Car Washes (NAICS 81119208) similar to the MAP data. Educators have access to Reference USA via Macgrath Libary and can give a (not fully accurate) firm list by NAICS ( Choosing 'summary data' for the area, I was able to send her an Excel firm list once she described an area by zips/counties. (Along with the demographic report from the GIS, this can be carved out also from

There have been a couple of individuals in northwest MN now who have contacted their local EDA (who has recieved a Market Area Profile from Extension) and subsequently given me a call for industry specific information to possibly open businesses (such as used car lots, bakeries, wood stoves and now car washes). While there are online clearing houses such as,, or most of the info is national with possibly statewide attention. Trade association newsletters can help, but often are regional in nature (i.e. Heartland Carwash Association out of Iowa). If you have any ideas of trends/data to capture within a rural county a particular NAICS like car washes, please post references to them in the comments on this blog as any bit will help and can be forwarded by email to these interested entrepreneurs!

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