A house is a house...

So, 50 homes are on the market each month on average in Crookston (pop. 9000) I have been told by a local real estate professional who has been in the business here for quite a long time. That is about 1.5% of the homes, and though there are 'gentle rolls" I'm told, the fluxuations are not extreme. It was noted that folks grow up and move, older folks also move out of their homes. UMC provides somewhat "transient" home owners, and there has been buy outs from the city toward relocating people (so as to build levies). Most people taking the buy outs had already paid off mortgates and thus bought 'straight accross' for homes of similar value. In any account, even with intra-city movement the home surplus has been kept at the same level, which is good news for a hub that brings folks 'into town'.

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