Making the case for Mobile Websites

A transformation has taken place; people are aborting their desktop computers in favor of mobile hand held computers such as the iPhone, Android, and Blackberry. Various reports find rising levels of Americans using the internet on a mobile handset. One-third of Americans (32%) have used a cell phone or Smartphone to access the internet for emailing, instant-messaging, or information-seeking. This level of mobile internet is up by one-third since December 2007, when 24% of Americans had ever used the internet on a mobile device. On the typical day, nearly one-fifth (19%) of Americans use the internet on a mobile device, up substantially from the 11% level recorded in December 2007. That's a growth of 73% in the 16 month interval between surveys.

More than half of mobile web users go online from their phones on a daily basis
In addition to being a growing proportion of the overall cell phone population, users of the mobile web now go online more frequently using their handheld devices than they did as recently as last year. More than half of all mobile internet users go online from their handheld devices on a daily basis--43% do so several times a day, and 12% do so about once a day. At a similar point in 2009, just 24% of mobile internet users went online several times a day.

Hopefully this data from Pew and Nielsen make the case that it is important for businesses and organizations to connect with people on the go on through their handheld device or smartphone. At minimum this means that if you have a regular website then you should also start thinking about having a mobile version of you website developed. And while you are at it make sure people using a variety of location based services on their iphones or android phones can find your businesses. Examples include: Yelp, Google Maps, Urbanspoon, and many more.

For a very visual presentation on all of this click here

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