SBDC woes

It sounds like the NW Small Business Development Center (SBDC) may not be housed at BSU's Center for Innovation in the future. This SBDC has been instrumental in providing technical assistance to potential and existing business owners in Beltrami, Clearwater, Hubbard, Kittson, Lake of the Woods, Mahnomen, Marshall, Norman, Polk, Pennington, Red Lake, Roseau counties. Yet with pending MNSCU cuts, it'd be tough for BSU to justify the resource support to such a federally related entity. About 50% of the center's funding comes from the federal governement due to the matching of dollars, and the agents are contractors who work throughout the region. (Recently the statewide director noted that keeping the current fed-related contribution level at Bemidji may not be practical). There are several regional centers in the state, and they tended to have a consistent, porportional share of the state passthrough over the years. We will have to see if the non-MNSCU entities who provide the other 50% of funding (other than fed) are able to keep their financial contributions up. Stay tuned....

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