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Revenue Generation within Extension

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It is impressive to see how registration fees and product sales have increased over the last few years as our audiences place greater value on these programs and products. Program fees, contracts, grants and gifts are becoming a more significant source of funding for Extension. They will continue to be critical to Extension's future financial sustainability, especially given the decrease in federal formula funds as the USDA moves from federal formula funding to competitive grants and as the reduction in state funding impacts our county partners.

While program event and contract revenue are helpful in covering Extension's program teams' variable costs, event revenue does not cover the significant costs of personnel and infrastructure. Grants and gifts are alternative funding options that have the ability to cover program costs, associated personnel costs, and some infrastructure costs such as electricity, heat, technology and maintenance fees. While securing external funding from any source takes significant time and effort, the potential return on investment is significant. 

As Extension continues to garner federal, state and county funding and continues to grow income through appropriate registration fees and contracts, we must also strive to grow our grants. Information on how you can find grant funding opportunities is available on the employee website.

Mike Schmitt
Senior Associate Dean, Programs and Research

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