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State Fair Gives 4-H Opportunity for Great News Coverage

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This year's State Fair provided an exciting opportunity for 4-H to be featured in news media across the state. With Wendy Huckaby, youth development communications manager, sending regular "tweets" on Twitter about events and other updates, 4-Hers were featured on a variety of radio, television and newspaper outlets. Fortunately, the H1N1-related media coverage, from the Star Tribune to the New York Times, did not overshadow the stories being told about the projects and learning 4-Hers were exhibiting at the State Fair. Check out Minnesota Public Radio's heartwarming video on the llama costume contest illustrating how 4-H youth learn and have fun. The Star Tribune also wrote an in-depth article about 4-H, and how its diverse programs and partnerships position the program to weather the current challenging economic times.

Julie Christensen
Public Relations and News Media Manager

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