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Voluntary Furlough Form Now Available

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For those interested in requesting unpaid time off, the University has now posted a voluntary furlough request form and information on the University website.

All furlough days outside of the holiday closure period must be approved by the employee's immediate supervisor and the appropriate Extension associate or assistant dean. 

With supervisory approval, furlough days may be taken at any point during the regular scheduled appointment of the employee during FY11, but employees and their supervisors must assure that there will be no disruption of classes or other time-sensitive programs or functions of the University.

Money saved through this program will remain with central Extension. 

Once approved, the number of furlough days and the dates on which they are to be taken can be changed only through mutual agreement of the employee and the others who signed off on the original request.

Days taken do not need to be taken consecutively; however, they must be taken in full day increments. Furlough days, whether voluntary or mandatory, will not constitute a break in service.

Benefits that are tied to hours of work (such as vacation and sick leave accumulation) and/or those tied to wages (retirement contributions) will be affected by the days off without pay, so employees should be fully aware of the impact of furlough days prior to making a request.

Leslee Mason
Human Resources Director

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