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Extension Faculty and Staff and Political Activity

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As the November election races ramp up over the next month, it's important to be reminded of Extension's guidelines regarding activity in partisan political activity. Extension faculty and staff (and all University of Minnesota employees) who would like to participate in politics are permitted and encouraged to be civically engaged, as long as behaviors are consistent with Board of Regents policies. See campaigning or running for public office

In terms of supporting candidates and the campaigns of others, the main thing to remember is to conduct such activities as a private citizen and not in the identity of your University position. It is not appropriate, for example, to use professional credentials in advocating for an individual.

Likewise, financial contributions and other supportive activities are acceptable as long as they are made without reference to Extension and/or the University.  Each individual should use good judgment about the wisdom of visible partisan participation and the impact on his/her job effectiveness.  If you have questions, talk with your supervisor or the Extension Government Relations unit.

Sarah Greening
Assistant Dean, Government Relations

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