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Extension Google Migration Update

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We are midway through Extension's migration to Google Apps, which is scheduled to be completed by November 12, and the migration has gone very well thus far. We have appreciated everyone's effort and support through this process and we look forward to a successful migration of remaining Extension staff throughout the next couple of weeks.

For those of you who have not yet had the time to clean up your email, don't panic!  You should proceed with your migration as scheduled.  If your mailbox does not fulfill the requirements to transition to Gmail, the system will notify you during the process of specific items you need to clean up in order to make your mail ready for migration. 

The Extension Google Apps employee webpage contains detailed migration instructions, information on how to forward UMGmail  to a county system, and links to University and Google resources. Extension Organizational Training will also be holding two webinars in November that will give attendees an introduction to Gmail and Google Calendar. Below are specific calendar issues you should know about:

·         Invitees and/or resources you have invited to meetings in UMCal/Outlook will be disconnected from the meeting when you migrate to Google Calendar.  The meeting will show up on their calendars, but they will not be automatically notified if the meeting is rescheduled or cancelled.  Meeting owners will be responsible for re-inviting staff and resources to the meeting. (This is a one-time happening and will not occur when you schedule future meetings in Google Calendar.)

·         Recurring meetings will convert to individual entries.  You will need to delete and reset the reoccurrence.

·         You will need to reset permissions on your calendar in order for specific individuals to schedule on your calendar.

All Extension staff are expected to use Google Calendar by November 19; however, several other University units have not yet made the transition, and it may be necessary for Extension staff to schedule appointments with those University staff members directly by email (or by another means) as an interim solution until all University units make the transition to Google Calendar. If you are not sure whether someone has moved, contact them directly.

For questions about Extension's transition to Google Apps, visit the Extension Google Apps employee webpage or call the Extension IT helpline at 612-624-6700.

Rex Wheeler
IT Operations Manager

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