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Google Tips

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Gmail spell-check options
Learn more about how to check spelling in your email messages and how you can add words to your browser dictionary.

Organize your email with labels
Labels do all the work folders do and give you an extra bonus: you can add more than one to a conversation. Once you've created a label, you can view all the messages with that label by searching, or by clicking the label name along the left side of any Gmail page. Read more about how to organize labels.

Compose a new message in a new window
You can compose a new message in its own window, allowing you to move back and forth between your new message and other email messages.

Insert a calendar invitation with Gmail
Create a calendar invitation in Gmail by clicking on the Invitation link right under the subject. When you click it, a small window appears that displays the availability of the people you are emailing (within the U of MN TC domain).

Can I share my calendar with people outside of the University?
The University only allows full calendar sharing between Google Calendar users within the same campus. In order to maintain the integrity of privacy and security of University information and business, only free/busy information will be sharable (for scheduling meetings, etc.) outside of each domain, including between campuses and with non-University Google accounts. View more Google Q&A.

Karen Matthes
Organizational Training Director

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