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Extension Grant Deadlines for University Winter Closure

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The Sponsored Project Administration (SPA) will be closed on December 28-30. Extension's grants team is planning ahead to ensure that Extension's grant applications are completed and approved prior to SPA deadlines.

The most important due dates for sponsored projects (grant) materials to be submitted to Extension in conjunction with the SPA deadlines prior to the closure are: 

Monday, December 6 (4:30 p.m.) Deadline for fully-signed PRF, budget and Statement of Work for industry-funded agreements that the sponsor requires to be completed (fully-executed) by December 31.

Tuesday, December 15, (noon) Deadline for:

  • Complete (ready-to-submit) proposals (with fully-signed PRFs) due to sponsors between December 23-January 4.
  • Paper or other electronic proposals with fully-signed PRFs due to sponsors between December 21-January 3.  Includes rebudgeting requests; requests to open additional budget accounts; no cost-time extension requests (either agency-approved or SPA-approved); prior approval requests; materials needed to issue subwards; PI-approved subaward invoices that need to be paid.

It is highly unlikely that extensions to these deadlines will be approved. Extension educators planning to submit a grant proposal prior to the University closure should notify the appropriate center accountant immediately.

Dianne Sivald
Grants Manager

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