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Google Tips: Survey, Spam, Default Email App, Attachments, PST Files

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Please complete survey
If you haven't already done so, please take a few minutes to fill out the Google Migration Survey. We want to know what you think about UM Google Apps and the migration process to help inform and improve future IT initiatives, and to equip you with the tools and resources you need to best utilize Google Apps in your work.

Check your spam
Both Google and the University apply spam filters to our incoming email, so it is possible for incoming email to end up filtered by either Google or the University. It's a good idea to monitor your email flagged as spam, since good email occasionally ends up flagged as spam by mistake.

Make Gmail your Firefox default email
When you click on an email address on a webpage in Firefox, the browser automatically opens the default email application (mailto) to compose the email. For most of us this is set to Outlook. Change the default to Google Apps so that Gmail will automatically open. Note: If you want to change this setting in Internet Explorer, please contact your tech support person or the IT helpdesk at 612-624-6700.

Gmail: drag and drop attachments
If you use Firefox 3.6 or higher or Google Chrome as your browser, you can add attachments to an email by dragging and dropping them onto the email.

For a complete list of Google tips and to access additional Google Apps learning tools and training resources, visit the Google Apps employee webpage.

Karen Matthes
Organizational Training Director

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