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Updated Disability Access Required Statement

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There are several key statements that must appear on Extension materials to indicate that we uphold federal and state civil rights laws and regulations, as well as University equal opportunity policies. To meet these requirements, Extension will be automatically including required statements on all print and electronic templates and downloads available through Extension Communications to make it easier for staff when creating communications and marketing materials. 

One of the required statements is the Disability Access Statement (ADA) which has recently been revised to ensure greater consistency in Extension's response to disability requests.  The statement includes policy language along with contact information of the person who will respond to disability requests.  Since the contact number is a small detail and is sometimes overlooked, we have included a default statement in all Extension templates and downloads that lists the Extension Store number. However, the best and preferred option is to replace the Extension Store number with the name and number of a contact in your office who will handle requests.

Regardless of what number is listed, all disability requests will need to be coordinated by the program team/office that is distributing the materials or holding the event. If the Extension Store receives the request, they will forward the request to the appropriate Extension contact(s).

For questions, contact your center communications manager or Sarah Bjorkman.

Sarah Bjorkman
Employee Communications Manager

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