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Update Your Staff Email Lists

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Extension centrally maintains staff email lists (formerly known as "Addressbooks") that allow Extension staff to communicate with various segments of the Extension community.  These lists have recently been reviewed and updated to make them more reliable and applicable to our internal structure.   A Staff Email List resource page has been created on the intranet that provides more information including a feature to view members on each list.

To access the latest revisions of the Extension staff email lists, you can click on individual addresses on the intranet resource page, or you can upload all of the lists into your Gmail account.  When Extension migrated to Gmail in November, 2010, you were instructed to to upload the old staff email lists into your Gmail account.  In order for all of the recent revisions to take effect, you'll need to delete the old email lists and upload the revised versions.  Instructions to update your staff email lists are on the IT section of the intranet.  Contact Sarah Bjorkman, with questions.

Sarah Bjorkman
Employee Communications Manager

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