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Extension Continues Flood Education Efforts During Recovery

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As the Red River Valley prepares for a crest this weekend, Extension is moving its coordinated system from flood preparation into recovery. Extension's role is to provide research-based educational resources to assist Minnesotans in preparing for and recovering from the flood. Read the Dean's article from the March 3 issue of enews for a detailed explanation of Extension's role.

Staff can access the most up-to-date information by visiting Extension's flood website, or by calling Extension's toll-free phone services - Flood (a.k.a. Farm) Information Line (1-800-232-9077) and AnswerLine (1-800-854-1678).

Extension's flood response is coordinated by Minnesota's Extension Disaster Education Network (MN-EDEN) team to ensure consistency across the state.  MN-EDEN will evaluate needs and ensure non-duplication of efforts within Extension or with other agencies. Contact Bob Byrnes, with your program ideas and questions about Extension's flood response.

Bob Byrnes
MN-EDEN response coordinator

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