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Announcement of RIO Extension staff retirements

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The following Extension faculty and staff have announced their retirement through the University's retirement incentive option (RIO.) Based on the requirement of accepting RIO, all staff must retire by January 2012. Individual retirement announcements and celebrations are being planned by work teams and supervisors and will be announced in Extension enews and email. Please join me in thanking these employees for the many contributions they have made to Extension and Minnesota.

Rose Allen, Educator, Family Development
Shirley Anderson-Porisch, Educator, Family Development
Melvin Baughman, Program Leader, EFANS     
Ray Bisek, Educator, EFANS
Cindy Bigger, Educator, Community Vitality
Neil Broadwater, Educator, EFANS
James Carlson, Regional Director, Brainerd
Rita Colchin, Community Nutrition Educator
Shirley Doering, Educator, 4-H Youth Development
Tim Dolan, Educator, Community Vitality and EFANS
Mary Duncomb, Educator, 4-H Youth Development
Kendall Dykhuis, Educator, EFANS
Nancy Frosaker-Johnson, Regional Director, Moorhead
Donna Geiser, Educator, 4-H Youth Development
Colleen Gengler, Educator, Family Development
Jan Gilman, Educator, Family Development
Elaine Greenfield, Administrative Assistant, IT
Kent Gustafson, Educator, Community Vitality
Jayne Hager Dee, Regional Director, Farmington
Cheryl Hays, Organizational Training Unit Coordinator
Susan Hooper, Educator, Family Development
Robert Hursch, Information Technology Specialist
James Kurtz, Educator, EFANS
Karen Lilley, Web Manager
Jim Linn, Extension Specialist, Animal Science
Pat Morreim, Regional Director, Andover
Robert Mugaas, Educator, EFANS
David Nelson, Educator, Community Vitality
Bob Olen, Educator, EFANS
Kathleen Olson, Educator, Family Development
Phyllis Onstad, Educator, Family Development
Barbara Piehl, Educator, 4-H Youth Development
Lee Raeth, Director of Field Operations
Willa Reed, Administrative Specialist, Dean's Office
June Rhoads, Administrative Specialist, RDU
Bobbie Roberts, Administrative Assistant, Human Resources
Dorothy Rosemeier, Exec Director, WC Sustainable Dev Partnership
Harlan Rosenthal, Educator, 4-H Youth Development
Byron Schneider, Associate Professor, Youth Development
Wayne Seidel, Educator, EFANS
Russell Severson, Educator, EFANS
Carol Skelly, Community Program Associate, 4-H Youth Development
Joan Sigmundik, Administrative Specialist, Community Vitality
Jaclyn Smith, Master Gardener Coordinator
Toni Smith, Outreach Director, Field Operations
Barbara Sorenson, Educator, Community Vitality
Minnell Tralle, Educator, Family Development
Joyce Walker, Assistant Director, Youth Development

Bev Durgan

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