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Windows 7 Features

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Windows 7 has been making its way onto Extension computers as computers are replaced or reimaged. Below are a few features of Windows 7 that may be helpful to you in your work:

  • Pin programs to the taskbar: In previous versions of Windows you could pin programs to the Start menu for easy access, but with Windows 7, you can also pin programs anywhere on the taskbar. By pinning a program to the taskbar, it's right there in front of you so you can open it with a single click. (read more)
  • Sticky notes:  Use Sticky Notes to write a to-do list, phone number or anything else you need to remember. Sticky notes appear on your computer Desktop and have many colors to choose from. (read more)
  • Jump Lists: Jump Lists are lists of pictures, songs, websites and more, grouped by the program that you use to open them--which means that now you can open files you need from the same taskbar button that you use to open the program. To view the Jump List for a program, right-click the taskbar button, or drag the button toward the desktop. Then, click the item in the Jump List to open it. (read more)

IMPORTANT: If your computer is running Windows 7 and you do not connect to a Twin Cities or coordinate campus network, you will need to connect via VPN once every 180 days to maintain an authentic copy of Windows.

For more information about Extension's support and installation of Windows 7, contact the IT helpdesk at 612-624-6700.

Karen Matthes
Organizational Training Director

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