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2013 Compensation Plan for University Employees

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The 2013 fiscal year compensation plan for faculty, P&A and civil service employees has been released. 

Salary increases for employee groups are effective June 18, 2012 and will appear on paychecks received on July 11.

Faculty and P&A
The Extension academic salary increase process will be managed by Extension associate deans and unit heads who will receive tools and instructions to manage the merit salary decision process.  This decision process will occur in time for the final budgeting process.

Any promotions in the Extension academic rank system will be processed separately.

Civil Service
Extension civil service employees are not currently in a merit system, so the increase for this group is distributed across the board.

Bargaining Unit
AFSCME Clerical Unit 6 and AFSCME Technical Unit 7 salary increase information will be available in these respective contracts once they are available online in the near future.  Each unit negotiated a slightly different salary increase agreement.

For more information, visit the 2013 fiscal year compensation plan website, or contact Leslee Mason with questions, 612-624-4205 or

David Werner
Chief Operating Officer
Leslee Mason
Human Resources Director

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