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Important Accounting Deadlines for Fiscal Year 2012

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Important due dates for submitting financial transactions for Fiscal Year (FY) 2012 must be followed to help minimize last-minute problems. Respecting these deadlines will provide adequate time for appropriate review, approval and processing of transactions, and will reduce the risk of improperly posted documents due to system delays, unavailable approvers, unforeseeable errors or other problems.
In brief, FY 2012 deadlines are:

  1. June 13 - Requisitions and PO Vouchers (any invoice that is matched to a PO)
  2. June 20 - Non-PO Vouchers & expense/travel reimbursements (Reminder: University policy states that all expense and travel reimbursements should be submitted within 30 days of the scheduled trip return.)
  3. June 25 - A/R Billing (customer maintenance requests) - establish customers
  4. June 28, noon - A/R Billing (customer profile exists) - create invoices
  5. June 29, noon - Purchasing Card (PCARD) reconciliation & deposits

Additional deadlines have been sent to all Extension staff who routinely prepare financial documents for accounting transactions. More information can be found by reading the complete University of Minnesota FY 2012 closing procedures.  For questions regarding these deadlines, contact your accounting representative or Extension Finance and Planning.

Madonna Monette
Finance Director

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