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Extension Flood Response

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As the state continues to recover from recent floods, the potential for severe weather will continue through the summer. I want to make sure that all faculty and staff are aware of Extension's role in disaster response and the educational resources available from Extension.

Extension's role during disasters is to respond rapidly with research-based information people can use in making decisions. Extension has a coordinated system of online and phone answer resources available for those with flood-related questions, both during a flood emergency and while recovery efforts are underway. Citizens and staff can access the most up-to-date information on flood response, safety and clean-up issues by visiting Extension's flood impacts website, or calling Extension's toll-free phone services, the Flood (aka Farm) Information Line (1-800-232-9077) and the AnswerLine (1-800-854-1678).

All of Extension's efforts are coordinated by our MN-EDEN disaster response team, lead by Bob Byrnes. If you have ideas for flood-related programs, educational resources, community response or communications, please contact Bob before initiating your flood response effort. Bob will help ensure that our efforts are not only coordinated within Extension, but also with our many partners across the state. During times of crisis in our communities, we must remember that Extension's role is focused on education. While Extension is not the community disaster coordinator, first-responder or social service agency, we do support our many partnering agencies through our information and educational resources.

I appreciate the work of the disaster response team and the many faculty and staff who have worked with them to provide timely and accurate information through our website, publications and phone lines.

Bev Durgan

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