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26 Educators and Faculty Successfully Pass Promotion Process

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Please join me in congratulating our colleagues who successfully earned promotion or reconfirmed their rank in 2012 (this was the first year for Extension's promotion system for educators without rank):  Rebecca Harrington, Heidi Haugen, Elizabeth Wieland, and Nathan Winter, were all promoted from assistant Extension educator to associate Extension educator, and Trisha Sheehan, was promoted from associate Extension educator to Extension educator.

Also, please join me in recognizing and congratulating our colleagues who successfully earned promotion or confirmed their academic rank.  The following were promoted from assistant Extension professor to associate Extension professor: Adeel Ahmed, Christine Barno, John Bilotta, Michelle Grabowski, Samantha Grant, Neil Linscheid, Doug Malchow, Antonio Alba Meraz, Rebecca Meyer, Shahram Missaghi, Pamela Larson Nippolt, Mary Schroeder, Shelley Sherman, Andrea Lorek Strauss, and David Wilsey. In addition, Mike Reichenbach reconfirmed his rank of associate Extension professor. Catherine Rasmussen was promoted from associate Extension professor to full Extension professor.  The following people successfully reconfirmed their rank of Extension professor Kim Boyce, Stephan Carlson, Rosemary Heins, and Rebecca Hagen Jokela.  

Promotion is a professional indicator of personal and organizational success. Twenty-six of our colleagues successfully completed the promotion process this year, demonstrating their accomplishments in scholarship, education and teaching, program leadership, engagement, program management, service, and/or technical assistance. The promotion process reinforces the importance of our Extension education model and our responsibility to develop and deliver effective research-based educational programming.

I want to thank you--the applicants, supervisors, review committee members, peer reviewers, mentors, program team members and administrative staff. The application process for the 2013 promotion cycle has begun.  If you are considering applying for academic promotion, please discuss with your supervisor and submit your letter of intent by August 20.

Bev Durgan

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