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Dean's Column (April 18, 2013)

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Dear Colleagues,

Last November, I wrote to you about an Extension-wide priority and commitment to update our website. Extension has more than 22,000 web pages in 200 program and topic websites. While some of our content is current and relevant, we have content and pages that are outdated, abandoned, not presented well for the web, or not branded to Extension and the University.

Over the last three months, we have been working across all of the centers to ensure that our website meets basic standards:

  • Content is current
  • Information is presented in formats that are appropriate for the web
  • Users experience consistent navigation and branding on every part of the website

This is a significant effort for Extension and one that I expect all of Extension to make a priority. After this initial phase of cleaning up our existing web content, we will begin preparing two major phases:

  • Creating centralized pages and tools to support our web presence. Examples include implementing a content management system, rebuilding county web pages and developing a calendar system.
  • Developing consistent expectations and support for program faculty and staff to develop and manage web appropriate content on the Extension website.

Extension's website is one of the most visible ways we present our education, information and brand to our audiences. Centrally, we are responsible for ensuring that we have the right tools and resources in place to run a system-wide website. At the center and program level, faculty and staff need to have ownership and responsibility for the information we present on our website.

I have made this a priority and we will track the progress of this at our monthly dean's leadership meetings. We will also report on our progress in future issues of e-news.

I ask for your attention to this when you are asked to work with your web team.

Bev Durgan

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