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Extension Prepares for Spring Floods and Summer Drought

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We are expecting a wetter-than-normal April and there are several areas of Minnesota at risk of flooding. As communities prepare for possible spring flooding, Extension is ready to share research-based educational resources to assist Minnesotans in preparation and recovery. The most up-to-date information is available at Extension's flood website. In addition, we are preparing education and resources for potential drought conditions later this summer.

Extension's flood and drought response will be coordinated by Minnesota's Extension Disaster Education Network (MN-EDEN) team to ensure consistency across the state. MN-EDEN team members are evaluating our current information and working with program leaders, faculty and educators to develop necessary resources and news releases to keep the public informed. Bob Byrnes, MN-EDEN response director, ensures that our efforts are coordinated within Extension, and with our many partners across the state. Please contact Bob with your program ideas for Extension's flood response.

During times of crisis in our communities, we must remember that Extension's role is education. Extension is not the community disaster coordinator, first-responder or social service agency. However, our relevant information and recommendations about flood preparation and recovery support the work of many partnering agencies. In addition to the website, Extension education is available by calling Extension's toll-free phone services - Flood (aka Farm) Information Line (1-800-232-9077) and AnswerLine (1-800-854-1678).

If you personally choose to participate in community service activities (e.g. sandbagging, patrolling), please be sure to follow normal procedures for requesting personal leave/day(s) from your supervisor.

I appreciate the work of the MN-EDEN team and the many faculty and staff who have worked with them to provide timely and accurate information to Minnesotans.

Bev Durgan

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