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Safety of Minors

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We are pleased to report that 1,136 volunteers (of 7,244) have completed the Safety of Minors training. So far, around 90% of those who have completed the training have done so in 4HOnline. 16% of volunteers have completed the required training in the two weeks since we have begun heavily promoting it. We hope to gain momentum in the next several weeks and need your help.

At 10 a.m. on Tuesday, May 19 during the 4HOnline webinar, there will be a quick presentation featuring instructions on how to find completion information for your county's volunteers. Go to and enter meeting code: 742 840 095. You can also find this information on creating reports and finding reporting information on the YD Intranet page for Safety of Minors.

A print-friendly URL is now available: for those of you who are sending out communication to volunteers. Another email will be sent through 4HOnline to volunteers on June 1 in addition to an article appearing in the June 4-H Clover Update.

We have been hard at work over the last few weeks answering questions and figuring out tips to help you successfully implement the Safety of Minors policy. Please visit our Safety of Minors FAQ Google Doc to find some answers about the following items: requirements for camp counselors and summer interns, suggestions and reminders for youth counselors, and recommendations regarding tracking completion in various settings including staff, two individuals who watch while logged in under one account, and those individuals who are enrolled but not currently active volunteers.

If you have additional frequently asked questions you would like to add to the list, please email them to me at

Molly Frendo

State program director, volunteer systems

A summary about summaries

When creating an event or article, a summary is always required. It will appear on all of your landing pages (main county page, main 4-H page, events, articles and hot topics). There is very little space for the summaries on the main pages, so make sure they are only 1-2 sentences. Ask yourself, "How would I describe this to my neighbor?" A summary should briefly explain the main points of your article or event. It should not be the first sentence copied from the body content. If you ever want to edit your summary, click the "edit summary" link next to the body section. See image below (click to enlarge).


Melissa Pierce

Communications associate

On June 2, from 10 - 11 a.m., regional 4-H support staff will review FairPlus! and 4HOnline operations related to state fair, dog and horse shows.

On June 19, from 10 - 10:30 a.m., staff from the 10 counties piloting FairEntry, the new fair management software, will be hosting an online tour of FairEntry from both the staff and the family side of things.

Todd Mehrkens

Academic technologist

4HOnline Tuesday webinar

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Safety of minors training reports and animal ID data - learn more about these two topics as they relate to 4HOnline on Tuesday, May 19 from 10 - 10:30 a.m. To access the webinar, go to and enter meeting: 742 840 095.

Todd Mehrkens

Academic technologist

Thrivent Financial encourages their members recommend organizations and programs to receive some of their charitable grant funds through a program called Thrivent Choice. If an individual or group would like to recommend your local 4-H program as a recipient, please use the following procedure:

  1. Ask the individual or group to select the Minnesota 4-H Foundation as the organization to which the funds should be directed.
  2. Notify Erin Kelly-Collins at the Minnesota 4-H Foundation of an anticipated donation, clearly indicating the amount and the 4-H program to which the funds should be designated.
Once the donation has been received, staff at the Minnesota 4-H Foundation will contact the appropriate 4-H staff members to arrange for distribution.

Please note: The specific 4-H club or program does not need to request their own account with Thrivent Choice. All donations can and should be channeled through the Minnesota 4-H Foundation.

Questions about this process can be directed to Erin Kelly-Collins at 612-624-7667 or

Erin Kelly-Collins

Minnesota 4-H Foundation

The following message was sent to all Minnesota 4-H Lama Project members and leaders on May 12:

Subject: Lama (llamas and alpacas) leasing clarification

The lama Information sheet has been updated to clarify the lama leasing program. It states:

Leasing program

  1. If a 4-Her cannot own their own lama, lamas may be leased by May 15. Leased lama must also be identified by May 15. If an animal is leased, the "Minnesota 4-H Animal Lease Agreement" must be submitted along with the ID data entered online, or the ID worksheet submitted to your county Extension office, by May 15.
  2. In other 4-H species lease agreements, the animal can only be exhibited (lead through the show ring of any show - youth or open class) by the 4-Her leasing the animal. This rule does not apply to lama. Leased 4-H lamas may be shown by others at any show except at state fair.
The animal lease form will refer you to this information sheet. The complete Lama Information sheet can be found at .

If you have further need for clarification, please contact your local Extension office.

Brad Rugg
Director of fairs and animal science programs

Tune-in to the EDI Lunch 'N Learn training next Friday, May 8 from 12-12:30 pm. The WebEx meeting code for this training is 749 167 263. Topics include orientation to the interface, features, examples, use case scenarios and more.

Remaining dates include:

  • Wednesday, May 27
    WebEx meeting code: 747 618 046
  • Friday, May 29
    WebEx meeting code: 745 551 970
Program evaluation team

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