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Your website and social media

Your county website is the home for your information. Your social networking sites, like Facebook, should be used to drive traffic to your county website. For example, many of you have county fairs coming up. You would include the details like the who, what, where, when and why in an article and/or event on your county website. When you are promoting your county fair on social media, you might say something like, "Planning to attend the county fair? Visit our website (embed your website's link) for ongoing information about exciting events that are happening!"

Over the past month, the county websites have been viewed over 70,000 times. Lets keep increasing that number!

Melissa Pierce

Communications associate

4HOnline was updated this week, with another update planned for the weekend. The update from earlier this week has introduced a few bugs, and while the weekend update is expected to fix those bugs, there may be additional bugs created (that's just the typical software development process).

On the upside, there were some new features introduced this week and a few more coming this weekend. For example on the member search screen, notice the new flags (instead of check boxes), along with another "quick email" sending option.

I'll send out more details next week when more details are known.

Todd Mehrkens

Academic technologist

Fair software webinars

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On June 2, from 10 - 11 a.m., regional support staff will get a refresher on the state fair, horse and dog show registration process for 2015. There are no significant changes from last year, so this will be mostly review - however we'll also talk a little bit about expected changes for next year.

On June 16, from 10 - 10:30 a.m., the counties who are piloting the new fair software,, will give a guided tour of FairEntry from both the staff and family side of things.

Both webinars can be accessed by going to and entering this meeting code: 742 840 095.

Todd Mehrkens

Academic technologist

Safety of Minors update

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As of this week, we have had almost 2,000 volunteers complete the required SOM training. This is good progress, but we will need to get even more aggressive in our approach if we are going to get all 7,000 volunteers in compliance by the July 1 deadline.

On our end, the following things have been done to help you:

  • An email will go out later today to all volunteers who have not yet completed the training as of about May 28, according to the data in 4HOnline. It will remind them that they will not be allowed to continue to volunteer after July 1 until they complete the training.
  • An article will appear in the June 1 4-H Clover Update reminding volunteers how to access the training and underscoring its importance.
  • A postcard and draft letter have been created for you to send to volunteers who may not be active users of email. Please take the time to note who those individuals are and follow up via phone and through email.
  • Later today or early next week there will be an interactive reporting tool you can use to find volunteers who have NOT completed the training.
We also want to remind you to visit the FAQ document created on Google Drive. In it, we answer such questions as:
  • How should staff who are volunteers report their training if it was done in ULearn?
  • Can the training be viewed on a handheld device or tablet?
  • What advice do you have for meeting the ratios?
If you have additional questions you'd like to see added, please email them to me at

Please continue to offer the Safety of Minors training at all events and promote it in your communications with volunteers!

More detailed information and access to resources mentioned above can be found on the YD Intranet page for Safety of Minors training.

Molly Frendo

State program director, volunteer systems

2015 horse show quotas

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The 2015 final horse show quotas are now posted online.

If you have questions regarding access to these documents, please contact Amy De Groot at

Amy De Groot

Executive office and administrative specialist​

The June 9 Tuesday morning webinar will feature an update on the program coordinator hiring process, as a result from a Kaizen Event, which was held in December 2014. During the Kaizen Event, a team of colleagues from youth development, operations, and human resources looked at ways to make the hiring process more efficient and effective. Final recommendations were outlined in May, so the team is excited to share the next steps. The details for the WebEx training are:

Meeting link:
Meeting number: 749 063 228

Nancy Hegland

Program leader

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