December 6, 2005

last entry

This is the last entry i will be making so i would like to thank you for leaving me some comments. I wish i could have heard from more of you but it's ok. I hope all of the students at Lincoln have good years ahead of them and continue doing what you like to do. Writing to the students at Lincoln helped me see how much middle school has changed since I was in it. I also learned that not every school is going to have the same kinds of students. i enjoyed talking with them and I hope they understood a little more about what life in college is like.

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November 29, 2005


My Thanksgiving was pretty fun. I didn’t really do anything out of the ordinary just ate a lot of food at my house with some close relatives. We had turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry jello, and dinner rolls; pretty much just the normal traditional Thanksgiving meal. After eating with my relatives at my house I went over to my moms house and ate some pumpkin pie and apple crisp. One of the main reasons why I like Thanksgiving a lot is because it is one of those holidays where you can eat as much food as you want and then pretty much just watch football and fall asleep on the couch. I also like it because there are leftovers for the next week or so, even though ours are already gone. How was your thanksgiving? did you eat a lot of food? what did you have?

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November 15, 2005

That is too bad you don't get to go on any field trips, they're fun. Why are there so many fights in your school? In my old school there was only like 3 a year. The homework in college can be really hard because you get so much of it but other than that i really like it. There is a lot of stuff to do on the weekends like hanging out with friends and going out to eat. Are you planning on going to college? I have a girlfriend back at home in Coon Rapids, MN who is a senior in high school. I only get to see her once or twice a week though which makes it kind of tough but we survive. Is there anything else interesting about you? Are you doing anything fun for Thanksgiving?

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November 8, 2005


My favorite teacher in high school was my Outdoor Adventures teacher Mr. Wolfe. The reason he was my favorite is because he didn't really act like the "typical" teacher. He was more of the average laid back hunter/fisher/outdoorsman kind of guy and taught us all about how the outdoors function and hwo to respect nature. He was strict, but his sense of humor overcame it. I like having a teacher who understands what kids at that age are like and can just have a good joke every now and then. Although some of the other teachers may have no liked his teaching style, i respected him like no other teacher i have ever had.

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November 1, 2005

blog to Ja'nice

what makes your school poor? is there just a lot of old stuff or not enough school supplies? when you talk about there being a lot of fights how many a week is there usually? i got in a fight once and i really didn't like it. College is really hard, but there are still some fun things. on monday and friday i only have 1 class a day which is pretty cool. I also like all the freedom and making my own decisions.

oh yeah, and what is bang bang 20's gang?

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October 20, 2005

Lincoln students

This is for the students at Lincoln Elementary school.

My name is Brandon Ezuck and I am originally from Coon Rapids, MN, but am now living at the University of Minnesota. I am going to the U of M because i want to get a degree in either business or something else that interests me, i'm not sure yet. When i am not in class, i am usually studying or else just playing around on the computer or watching movies, nothing too exciting. On the weekends i usually hang out with some friends or else go back to coon rapids and visit my old friends and family. What i would like to know from you is what life is like living in Minneapolis. What is your neighborhood like? also what is your school is like? Finally, i would like to ask what do you feel about the level of safety in your school?

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October 18, 2005

blog #10

Today was the due date of our first draft for our second essay. I am glad that it is over with because it took me a long time to think of all the stuff i was going to write down. Our revision groups meet on thursday which is pretty cool. I like the shorter class period where all you have to do is comment on other peoples papers. It is too bad that we don't get to write letters back and forth to the lincoln students, that could have been fun, but at least we still get to communicate with them a little bit through blogs. It will be easier getting to know them because we won't only be getting to hear from one or two students but maybe even an entire class.

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October 13, 2005

Epiphany vs Lincoln

A way that my old middle school Epiphany and Lincoln differ is the diversity ratio. Epiphany is a private, Catholic, mostly white school. They come from fairly wealthy families who can afford to send them there. Lincoln on the other hand is a very diverse school with mostly black and asian students. In fact the white population there is only at 2%. 93% of them qualify to receive a free lunch as to where there are virtually no Epiphany students who qualify. Also, the kids from Lincoln Elementary tend to come from not so good neighborhoods in North Minneapolis where drugs are sold and alot of violence happends. This is opposite of Epiphany, located in the city of Coon Rapids which is North of the Twin Cities. Coon rapids is a good size town but the violence rates and drugs aren't nearly as bad as in North Minneapolis.

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October 11, 2005


We are starting a new writing assignment that should be interesting. I don't like doing papers because i always end up procrastinating on them and waiting til the last minute. It usually is hard for me to do first drafts because nothing comes to me at first. Eventually i get something down though. I like the fact that we are going to be writing to lincoln elementary students soon. I'm sure they don't get to do this kind of stuff very much so it should be fun for both us and them.

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October 6, 2005

story blog

In the stories of LaRhonda and Sherman alexie they both have different influences on their eduacation. LaRhonda seems to worry more about how she acts and how other people view her. She doesn't want to be like the "white girls." Sherman doesnt care much about how people see him. He thinks that education should be his own problem and will do what he wants when he wants to. LaRhonda cares a little about her education though because she talks about someday maybe wanting to be an elementary school teacher.

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