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Illegal Immigrants Chase False Hopes to Canadian Border

Fueled by the idea that Canada would grant them asylum, Mexican immigrants arrived to the border by the hundreds seeking refuge. Starting three weeks ago, with just a family or two, immigrants have congregated at the foot of the bridge on the Canadian border, and they are growing in numbers. Most of the immigrants are from Florida and have made their way north, most of them flying into Toronto. This trip, according to some of the immigrants, occured because an organization in Naples, Florida suggested their claims were more likely to be accepted in Canada. However, that suggestion is rather unusual since only 28 percent of such claims by Mexicans are approved in Canada, versus a 47 percent approval average of all other nationalities. The word has spread over the internet and through social networks though, and by Thursday, at least 200 immigrants were present near the bridge. According to Canadian officials, "thousands more are on their way." Immigration advocates are currently issuing warnings to Mexicans attempting to make the same journey, saying that it is useless and unsafe.