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Reaction to Lead in the Story of the Notre Dame, Michigan game

I found this article in the St. Paul Pioneer Press as well as on the WCCO web site. The lead in the Pioneer Press on this game is as follows: "Forget about Notre Dame turning this season around." This is a feature lead, rather than a direct lead. Feature leads are more common in sports stories usually, rather than straight news stories, because in sports stories you can afford to wait to disclose the information until later in the article, because the news more or less is not "breaking" since it is just a game.
However, the author of this article, Dick Weiss, uses a feature lead to strike an emotional chord with sports fans. Notre Dame is America's team, with every game shown to a national audience every Saturday on NBC. However, for the first time in a very long time, the Fighting Irish are 0-3 and have yet to score an offensive touchdown. The author is leading with that line because it is almost more important that the Irish are 0-3 and basically already out of bowl contention, rather than the fact that they lost to Michigan 38-0.
If this lead were to be a direct lead, it would have included the score or other important facts in the lead, however the gameday stats do not appear until the later paragraphs.