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British Clergy to Remove Collars in Public for Safety

For fear of attack, a British church safety group is ordering Catholic and Anglican clergy to remove their clerical collars while off duty, according to the article in the Star Tribune.
They are often under attack in public, because criminals believe that these men have money.
Also the stiff neck pieces, commonly referred to as a "dog collar," can attract people that are bearing a grudge against god, according to the head of the National Churchwatch, Nick Tolson.
According to Nick, clergymen should "Be aware when they are on their own."
Even though Britain does not routinely monitor violence against clergy, there was a study in 2001 done by the University of London. They found that seven out of 10 clergy had experienced violence between 1997 and 1999. Also in the past decade, five clergymen has been murdered.
The two sources that were used for this story were taken from the Star Tribune and the BBC website. The sources used for each story were not that different. The Star Tribune story used the head of the National Churchwatch for the source for most of the story. They went with more of a national beat to the story. Even though the BBC used authoritative sources as well there sources were more local. For example, they issued the response from the Church of England. Also, they got a local source from a clergyman from St. Paul's Cathedral. However this story also ran the same quotes from Nick Tolson, who seemed to be a very important source of the subject, no matter who was doing the reporting.