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Deputy kills six in Wisconsin

An off-duty sheriff's deputy, 20, went on a shooting rampage early Sunday at a home where seven young teenagers were having a pizza party.
According to the Star Tribune, the gunman killed six people and injured the other. Authorities fatally shot the deputy, however it was too late.
Three of the deceased were still in school at the small town's high school, and the others were recent graduates. According to witnesses, the gunman attended the same school.
The shooting occurred in a small town of about 2,000 people, Crandon, Wisconsin. One of the victim's parents beleived that the shooting was due to the deputy being a "jealous boyfriend."
The Crandon School District called off classes Monday. The town is 225 miles north of Milwaukee.
I used two sources for this story, the Star Tribune and a website entitled the Guardian. They both approached sources very differently. The Star Tribune went with a much more personal twist to the story. They both got their information of the details of the shooting from the police department, however the Star Tribune interviewed neighbors and former classmates to get a more in depth look into what type of person this deputy was. Also, the Star Tribune interviewed the victim's mothers, whereas the Guardian did not. The Guardian piece, as far as sources, is much more of a straight news story, whereas the Star Tribune article puts more of a feature twist on it.