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Drunk Mom dangled 5-year-old Child Out Moving Car Window

A 27-year-old intoxicated mother faced felony charges of child abuse in Pinellas Park, Florida Thursday for holding her young son out of a moving SUV.
According to witnesses, Christina Adams, 27, was seen dangling her 5-year-old out of the car late Wednesday. At some points she even forced the child to run alongside the car to catch up, according to the report in the Star Tribune. According to the local paper, the Tampa Tribune, she was not taking the situation seriously. She was taken to jail and her son was given to relatives.
Adams said that her son was trying to climb out the window and she was keeping him from doing so. According to local police, she denied dragging the boy outside the vehicle by hand.
She was not driving; two other adults were inside, Joseph West, who was driving, and Ariane Marie Parsons, along with three children. According to Parsons, Adam's 5-year-old son was causing a ruckus, and Adams was holding him out the window until he calmed down.