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Escaped Killers from Wyoming Caught in Utah

Two escaped killers were captured on a Wyoming highway, ending an 11-mile police chase Saturday night, according to an article in the Star Tribune.
David Martin Gallegos, 49, and Juan Carlos Diaz-Arevalo, 27, stole guns and the SUV used in the police chase.
The police believed Gallegos and Diaz Arevalo entered a home near the Utah jail after they escaped and tied up the homeowner, a 72-year-old retired police officer. They tied him up with duct tape and threatened him with a knife.
The homeowner freed himself and then later called the police.
The fugitives had climbed a fence and fleed from Daggett County jail on September 23. They had recently been transfered from another prison due to overcrowding.
Diaz Arevalo was convicted of murder and child abuse in 2006. Gallegos was convicted of aggravated murder in 1991, according to the report on ABC.com
Gallegos was shot on the scene and brought to the local hospital. He was in critical condition. Diaz-Arevalo ran from the scene but was captured instantly.