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NFL Star Sean Taylor Injured in Shooting

Washington Redskins Safety Sean Taylor was shot in his leg at his home in Miami early Monday, police are investigating a possible robbery.
According to startribune.com the Miami police said that Taylor is in "critical condition." Officers were sent to Taylor's home at 1:45 a.m., after his girlfriend called 911. According to Lt. Nancy Perez, Taylor was shot in his lower body and was airlifted to Jackson Memorial Hospital. She did not disclose how many times Taylor had been shot.
"It could have been a possible burglary; it could have been a possible robbery," Perez said. "It has not been confirmed yet."
However, according to Richard Sharpstein, Taylor's attorney, he was shot in the leg and there was much bleeding because his femoral artery was severed.
According to ESPN.com, Taylor has a home in the Miami suburb of Palmetto Bay and Taylor remained home and did not travel with the team because he had a sprained ligament in his right knee. He was expected to miss at least two games, probably more.
The 24-year-old is in his fourth season with the Redskins. He was the number five pick in the first round of the 2004 NFL draft from Miami University, where he was an All-American. Even though he has missed two games, he currently leads the NFC with 5 interceptions.
Taylor has had a hard time staying out of trouble in the past. He has been fined at least seven times, including a penalty for spitting in the face of another player during a playoff game. Also in 2005 Taylor was accused of beating a man with a weapon during a fight that broke out after Taylor and his friends went looking for the people who allegedly stole his all-terrain vehicles, startribune.com reports.
Since this was a national sports story, I looked at ESPN.com the worldwide leader in sports news, and also our local paper, the Star Tribune. Even though these are two completely different news outlets, the two stories were quite similar. They both included the troubled past of Taylor as well as the details from the accident and quotes from the police officers and Taylor's attorney as well. However, ESPN.com had more of a sports angle to it. For example, they interviewed some of Taylor's teammates, such as Clinton Portis to get the players' reactions. They also interviewed the head coach Joe Gibbs. Lastly, on the ESPN.com website, this story was listed as breaking news and took up a lot of their homepage. The story did not carry the same weight on startribune.com.