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Earth's Tropical Belt is Growing

Earths tropical belt appears to have expanded a couple hundred miles in the last quarter century, startribune.com reports.
Earth's tropical belt is the area around Earth's middle that stretches from the Tropic of Cancer, just south of Miami to the Tropic of Capricorn which cuts Austrailia in half. It covers about a quarter of the globe and contains mostly desert, according to physorg.com
Teams of meteorologists found that the tropical atmospheric belt has grown by 2 to 4.8 degrees latitude since 1979. That is equilanant to a north and south expansion of 140 to 330 miles.
This could mean more even dryer weather for some already dry subtropical regions, new climate research shows. The area of concern is the dry areas on the edge of the tropics, such as the U.S. Southwest, parts of the Mediterranean and southern Australia.
The two sources that I used for this international story were a local source, the Star Tribune and phys.org, where the article where the Star Tribune got there information was located. I wanted to see what the Star Tribune chose to include and what they thought was important. Obviously, phys.org had a lot more information, such was where the tropical belt is located.