Assignment 2:


This week we focused on humor and it's effect on creativity. For class we had the chance to go to HUGE improv and learn a couple games and strategies to help get your mind in the right place to be creative, or as a girl in my group said, "Get the creative juices flowing."

To go along with this concept of humor fostering creativity we were tasked with doing something that was fun and somewhat humorous to get us in a mood favorable to being creative. I watched the TV show Impractical Jokers which is a very awkward type of funny, sometimes bordering on inappropriately so, as it puts one of four guys in a situation where he has to complete tasks based on what the other three tell him. I always get a kick out of this show and usually find myself laughing uncontrollably at some point during it's half hour time slot.

Once this was finished and I was in the right mindset, I made a mind map of the theme for our class, Winter. The mind map is below.
mind map
As can be seen, my mind map got filled up pretty quickly within the constraints of the page. I felt I got to a lot of different areas of the space of winter. I started out with some of the common branches of what can be looked at, with food, weather, activities, vehicles, etc. From there I went to more specifics about winter in those categories, like warmth, layers, snowboarding. Even from there I got a bit more in depth. Eventually I reached the outer layers that provide some of the more uncommon thoughts that are associated with winter, like failing new year's resolutions, coniferous trees, and coke advertising.

From this we were to take three sub-topics that we would like to explore further. The sub topics weren't to be too obvious or too obscure. Over the course of the mind mapping I came across a couple ideas I thought would be fun and interesting to explore. They are christmas lights, snow removal, and new year's resolutions.

Finally we were to draw 10 somewhat silly ideas that fit within the space of our mind map. My ten are below.

Instead of shovel, just melt the snow and collect the water.

Hat not warm enough? Drivers not seeing you? Solar power will heat it up and provide light!
solar hat

Homemade soup for all! Just put in your favorite foods.

Those waterproof boots not working fully? Well at least your socks will keep you dry.
dry socks

The training wheels for winter bikers. Don't let the snow push you around.
bike skis

Sometimes headlights just aren't enough.
car paint

So you can keep skiing when it gets dark.
lighted goggles

Now the wrapping paper is part of the experience.
christmas wrapping

Maybe this will help you stay on track with that new year's resolution.
resolution tracker


You had some cool ideas from your mind map, and I like how broad it became. However, it would have been nice to see some color or drawings in there to, just to make it easier to follow and more visually interesting. I thought the range in your mind map really showed during your silly ideas, you had everything from wrapping paper to snow removal! It was a good idea that you also typed your descriptions out because your writing's kind of hard to read. Maybe you could have added some color to those as well? All in all you had some great ideas, good work!

Zach, your picture captions speak well for themselves.

Transportation Woes:
The transportation items are something I am concerned with, and I think they are a good avenue to pursue. I know cyclists who bike to McNeal through the winter. I wonder if the outrigger skis would enhance their mobility? I can see them sitting over the back wheel like an oxen yoke and then attaching to the pegs.

The Melter and Environment:
I think the melter is a good concept for the environmentally conscious or those afraid to use salt with pets or kids. You would need to compare the energy cost to the chemical cost, but I imagine many would be less concerned with the electricity. What would you do with the water, though? Perhaps there is a vacuum as well.

Image Quality:
The images might be clearer with a bit larger drawings.

You can make them a bit squarer by lining up the edges of your grid with the edges of the monitor on the back of your camera. Bracing your elbows against the table will help with the focus.

Also, you can adjust the color of the images in iPhoto, if you are using a Mac, under the Edit command.

Your mind map is well thought-out and detailed. It is a little difficult to make the connections though - I would suggest making the arrows a little bit closer to the words to make it easier to see where the ideas are going. I would also suggest including more drawings to lead the eye around the map as well.

You have a great start on your product ideas! I encourage you to push your creativity a little more. The homemade souper, for example, could be something that already exists. What could you do to make it even more innovative? Incorporate a flavor tester, automatic timer, etc?

The Dry Socks is another innovation that probably exists to some extent - could you incorporate a water absorber, heating element or some other thing that would deal with the water being blocked by the socks?

The bike skis are something that could be an amazing innovation. It seems feasible and desirable! Your exploration of different concepts from your mind map is broad, which is definitely a good thing.

One last suggestion is to adjust your image quality. They are a bit blurry and yellow, something that is easily fixable with a scanner or iPhoto!

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