Assignment 5:


Structured idea generation. There are many techniques that have been developed and utilized to take a product and generate a lot of innovative ideas in a short amount of time. One of these is the SCAMPER method. SCAMPER stands for Substitute, Combine, Adapt, Magnify/Modify, Put to other use, Eliminate, and Reverse/Rearrange. All of these concepts are applied to the thing in focus to generate alternative ideas and concepts. An example of the adapt modifier is that certain bullet trains have been adapted to mimic the kingfisher and reduce drag.

I applied the SCAMPER method to my theme of christmas lights.


I ended up choosing one idea from each category to develop in more detail. The sketches are below.

Substitute: Individual wireless lights.
Combine: Water activated colored salt. Identifies where ice is while melting it.
Adapt: Sticky wire, like cockleburs.
Magnify: Solid bars, segmented and connecting.
Put to other use: Lighted animal collar.
Eliminate: Tube lighting. Gets rid of the bulbs and provides easier storage.
Reverse: Lay lights instead of hang them.

Following the SCAMPER technique I completed a TILMAG matrix to develop some more related ideas.

From the TILMAG I developed three ideas.

Christmas Light Pegboard similar to light bright, but with christmas lights and can be displayed.
Tent Pole Lights fold up like tent supports.
Less, bigger lights.

The third step was to look at the ideas from the blue sky idea generation and decide if there were any that could be developed into an innovative idea, especially if it wasn't quite there in the original idea, but it presented some interesting concept. I came up with six ideas from further developing individual ideas, or combining a couple. All six are in my final ten below.

Finally I chose ten ideas, some from my christmas lights theme, some from other winter related brainstorming activities. These are the ten I will dig deeper into to decide on a final product idea.
1)Reel lights. The lights wind onto a spool, but a plastic covering is placed over them as the get on the spool to limit tangling from the protruding lights.
2)Conductive chord. The line is placed as desired, then clothes pin like lights are hung from the line.
3)Pre-established shape lights. Circles can be placed over trees and will sit at different heights based on the diameter.
4)Conductive, magnetic lights. The lights can be put on a tree that holds the lights magnetically.
5)Light blinds. The lights can be pulled to one side to provide better storage and easier hanging.
6)Solid bar, segmented lights. The bars have hooks to hang and can be connected to make long chains. No tangles.
7)Windshield, Ice free film. Place over the window and pull off the ice when you come back to your car.
8)Breath warmth dispenser.
9)Water activated colored salt. Identifies where patches of ice are while melting the ice and providing a colorful decoration.
10)Lighted animal collar. To keep track of your pets while letting them out at night.


Good job with this post. I liked the thoroughness of your SCAMPER documentation and your explanation of how you set up the TILMAG chart. I do think, however, there were a few areas that could have been improved. For example, the SCAMPER image you uploaded was a little difficult to read at times. Specifically, some of the ideas under the "Put to use" category were hard to read and looked like they had been scribbled over. I would say it might be a good idea in the future to re-write text that is hard to read before posting a photo. I also liked the high contrast in your idea photos, but they seem to be a little too bright. However, it looks like your design notebook is graph paper -- mine is too. I've been struggling with the same thing and have been trying to fix it by setting the brightness and contrast high. I would say maybe try to make it a little more intense? My favorite ideas that you had were the light reel (that would help SO much when cleaning up/storing string lights) and the lit-up pet collar. Personally I would love to get my dog all festive and it would definitely help to be able to see them in the yard this time of year when it gets dark so early. Overall, good job with the ideas and I look forward to seeing what ideas you choose to pursue further for the next assignment!

Your SCAMPER documentation is very detailed. One issue I have with it is that is very hard to read. Perhaps typing it out into words would be better. Also some of your images are blurry, but I think that has to do with too much brightness/contrast in the image.

I became a little confused on the first part of your blog when you were explaining the colored salt, but it became more clear when I read the description on your top ten ideas. I would suggest more consistency.

As a dog owner, I really like your idea about the light up dog collar. It would help with keeping track of pets in the night.

Good job on your post.

All around, your structured idea generation was really thorough, and I think you came up with some cool ideas. Holiday lights is always pretty tricky, so I thought most of your ideas would be helpful for people that like decorating, especially the ones that reduce tangling.
I agree with what the other people said about increasing the quality of the images. I think taking more time with your sketches or even adding some color would make them look a lot better, too. I also noticed that two of your Top Ten Ideas included those "conductive lights", which is an interesting concept, but they might be too similar. Maybe picking another idea for the list would make this week's assignment more successful. Good job on your ideas though, they all have great potential!

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